California Dentistry Careers

January 22, 2014

Dentist care for teeth and gums, treat oral conditions and diseases, and give patients advice on preventative dental care. Dentists may also fit patients for artificial teeth and refer patients in need of other procedures, such as surgery or orthodontics, to the appropriate specialist. While most dentists have their own practices, some may belong to a group practice or work in a hospital, clinic, or government facility.

While dentists practice in every state across the U.S., the largest population can be found in the State of California.

Dental anesthesiologists administer a variety of medications and sedatives to quell the pain, anxiety, and discomfort that may accompany certain dental procedures. These medications and sedatives are typically given intravenously (IV) by a licensed dental anesthesiologist, with the assistance of one or two life support and anesthesia trained staff members. Dental anesthesiologists are a staple in all dental settings from general dentistry practices to oral surgery centers.

Chiropractors see the relationship between the structure of the spine and the function of the nervous system as key to maintaining and restoring health. Their proven techniques, including spinal manipulation, physical therapies such as electrical stimulation and heat and cold; massage, acupressure, and exercise and lifestyle counseling, help treat conditions ranging from low back and neck pain to headaches and pain caused by compressed nerves.

In the U.S., acupuncture is used to control pain and relieve symptoms of disease. This technique involves inserting needles at specific locations called “acupoints” to restore balance and a healthy energy flow to the body. When administered by a skilled acupuncturist, acupuncture causes virtually no pain. While acupuncture has become popular throughout the U.S. over the past 20 years, more than 50 percent of the nation’s licensed acupuncturists practice in New York or California.

Acupuncture Education and Training Programs

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